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I get a message telling me that the Virgin Media network installer has a virus and has been deleted - the installation of F-secure won't go any further. I've manually deleted other ant virus software (I think).

What do I need to do?




  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,653 Superuser

    Do you have any clue as to chat told you that the VMS installer contained a virus? 


    My initial recommendation would be to run the VMS Uninstaller again, reboot, then then start the F-Secure installation again.  If you think you may still have remnants of any other security products on the machine, you may find this list of Uninstallation Tools useful.  If the FS installation still fails, run the F-Secure Uninstallation Tool, reboot, then start the F-Secure installation once again.


    Also check Windows Updates and install any that are pending, as these can sometimes stall the F-Secure installation.


    If none of the above works, then you'll need to submit a support ticket to F-Secure, with an attached FSDIAG, which should give them some help in diagnosing the installation issue.  You can download and run the Support Tool from here:



    That will create a zip file on your Desktop, which you can then attach to the support ticket, from here:


  • mattymatty Posts: 2

    Same problem running Windows 7, uninstalled Virgin Security will not install just says virus and deleted as with other links given above? Any other ideas much appreciated. Thanks Matty

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,653 Superuser

    For us to try to help, we need more details.  Firstly, if Virgin Media has been FULLY uninstalled, using the uninstall tool (as above), and F-Secure still won't install, then is there another anti-virus product on the machine?  If not, then what is saying 'virus' and what exactly is it saying is the 'virus'?


    If you don't have any other security software installed on the machine, then I would suggest using something like MalwareBytes to run a scan, or even the F-Secure Online Scanner, but be aware that the F-Secure scanner will permanently remove anything it finds without asking for confirmation.

  • BlackcatBlackcat Posts: 511

    1. Removing previous AV; I would try running the specific uninstallers in SAFE mode first, rebooting after each uninstall. 

    ( while its booting, press F8 over and over. You'll see options, and select safemode with networking to download the specific uninstallers). Run the uninstallers in the order that Simon specified in his first post above.


     2. Removing possible infection; Assuming you may still be infected,  Use Chameleon to run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on a possible infected system; I would then run Eset's Online Scanner as a double-check that your system is clean;


    If you get this far, then try and re-install F-Secure again. Good luck and keep us posted.

  • mattymatty Posts: 2

    Still stumped, tried to download uninstallers, scans etc all come up with virus was detected and deleted download?

    Can't find any Vigin Media or other security in control panel/ programmes not sure how to look elsewhere? Thanks for your help so far, Matty

  • BlackcatBlackcat Posts: 511



    Have you scanned with Malwarebytes? Did it find anything?


    Could you post a screenshot of the "virus detected message"?

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