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i am using userbars for diffrent things (like put i in my signature in forums or put the image on my pages) and i don´t know why, but its hard to find a good F-Secure Userbar. I have only found old or ugly usebars.

(like this: http://userbarz.com/Games/Userbar/32499 )


I am not good in graficdesignstuff... so i am looking for help...


Can some creat a very cool F-Secure Usebar?




  • haha, funny...



    Just do copy FS logo and write your name or whatever you want to write there.




    By the way - wow


    I just noticed, F-Secure logo is now on right side from text - always was on left (was: [logo] F-Secure (r). is: F-Secire(r) [Logo]).


    and everywhere - every product! when did you changed??? 

  • Hexo
    Hexo Posts: 240

    That wouldn´t be look great. 

    It would be perfekt if some can make something.... wooohhhh.... stuff Smiley Happy

  • lemonrobin
    lemonrobin Posts: 3 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Janiashvill,


    well spotted for the symbol (that´s how we call the visual in our logo)! We changed the logo in sept 2009 when we launched the mew visual identity.

    How do you like the new logo?





  • actually it's pretty amazing, really great

  • AniaC
    AniaC Posts: 275 Former F-Secure Employee

    @Hexo, great idea - it would be awesome to see user-created usebars. I have already tweeted this thread to promote it!

  • Hexo
    Hexo Posts: 240

    It would be awesome if some can make a really cool userbar!

    Thanks for twitting Smiley Happy

  • Hexo
    Hexo Posts: 240

    Here are no useres with some grafik experience?


  • I am, but I do not want to do it...




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