f-secure and win 8.1

hi i use talktalk f secure security worked fine on my win 7 pc now have win 8.1 laptop downloaded fine and on talktalk icon saying protecting pc and i can scan pc ok only thing is in the action centre security saying windows firewall and bitdefender are protecting pc not talktalk f-secure if i disable these saying pc is not protected in win 7 action centre was saying being protected by talktalk f-secure any ideas ? is talktalk f-secure compatable with win 8.1 ? many thanks


  • Simon
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    F-Secure uses Windows Firewall as it's firewall, so that is correct, but it sounds like you still have traces of a past installation of Bitdefender on the machine, so I would suggest you run their uninstallation tool, which you can find here:


    Uninstallation Tools

  • jussu
    jussu Posts: 2 Observer

    I have win 8.1 and i cannot get f-secure to my micro. The program begins to load files, but nothing happens. Even if i wait to the next morning. How can i load files ??

  • Ukko
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    Sorry if current words will be "not nice", but can you check.. if you have any other protection-software installed?!


    Or here can be enough something with firewall or web-traffic-scanning.


    Also.... what certainly you mean during "load files" -> here have some description by F-Secure - what happened on current time?

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hello Jussu,


    Could you confirm the product you try to install? Could you provide a screenshot of any eventual error message you are facing?

  • jussu
    jussu Posts: 2 Observer

    I had adwise from finnis support and i am now trying to install f-secure to my maskin.

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