Time limits on child's android phone.

I cannot seem to find any time limit settings in the parental controls on my child's Sony Experia E. How can I stop them using the network at night, when they are supposed to be asleep?



  • NikK
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    I did a quick search in the User Guide but did not find anything about time limits I'm afraid Smiley Sad

    I haven't used Mobile Security myself and only did a quick search so I'm not 100% sure.

  • Simon
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    I don't know if this will tell you anything you don't know, but might be worth a look:




    Also, if this is on a home WiFi network, then I believe some routers allow 'per-device' restrictions, but I have no idea which ones do and which don't.  Perhaps the simplest solution is not to allow them to take the devices to bed with them?  Smiley Wink

  • Siltanen
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    Hello JazzaG,


    The product does not have time limits regarding the parental control feature.

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