Re: How do I allow Itunes through F-Secure ?

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Which F-Secure product and version are you using? To check the product and version, right-click the F-icon and select "About".


  • Roo
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    Hi Peter


    Thanks for responding.  I am using F-Secure Internet Security 2011 10.51 Build 106.  I hope this is the info you need.  My computer uses Windows XP (if that is relevant).  To be fair itunes works fine in itself but when it comes to upgrades and therefore downloading upgrades, it would not allow it to happen.


    Anny advice/assitance, gratefully received.


    Kind regards


  • Jayson
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    Hi Roo,


    Is there any pop ups from the F-Secure Internet Security when this happens?



    Best Regards,


  • Roo
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    Hi Jayson

    No, no pop ups.  When I rang Apple they asked me to disable the F-secure which I did.  The Apple download happened immediately and then I had to start F-secure again once the download was complete.


    Kind regards



  • 2eemeli
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    the application control should take care of that and allow iTunes.


    Not seeing any pop up sounds strange as application control will ask you to allow the application.


    You should check the application control settings maybe you changed the settings.


    By the way IS2012 is out and you can update to the latest version to give it a try.


    You need to run XP SP3 to run it download form here

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