Firefox 26 addins - Online Safety 2.99.2287 disabled

Hi folks,


Having just installed and activate F-Secure Safe from my Virgin account, I cannot seen to get Online Safety plugin/addon to be accepted by Firefox. Any clues?

I'm on FF 26.0


And more to the point, if the addin is disabled, then is banking protection active, or not?


  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    I have FF 26.0 and it's working.


    This is the Browsing Protection test page:  If it's working you should see a F-Secure message that a harmful website was blocked.


    In the settings for Online Safety there's a section called "Browser extensions" with an option to re-install extensions.

  • GMcC
    GMcC Posts: 2

    Curious - thanks for the test page link which confirmed a page block.

    FF26 addon manager still indicates that Online Safety is disabled so must be a FF glitch.


    Bank websites managed to raise the  Banking Protection function so that issue appears to be OK.

  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    Yes, sounds like a FF issue only and that you are protected anyway. This is how it looks on my PC:


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