Can't remember original login credentials when put 1st licence on from Virgin Media




I registered a couple of months back as had to reinstall security software and Virgin redirected me to F Secure, can't remember what login credentials I set up (was having a nightmare with PC at the time and didn't make a note)  now want to install on my other devices and am going round in circles.

I have a couple of email addresses that I use and none of these are recognised when I try to do a password reset, probably doesn't help as I can't remember the login.

On the device that I have it running on I have got my subscription key and account ID but can't find anywhere on the site where I can use my account ID to try and resolve this issue.  Want to get this sorted soon as the current security software is soon to be unsupported.  There doesn't seem to be any way of recovering this information from the PC that is running the F secure software.

Please help!


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