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I recently installed the programme on my iMac however when I click on the icon on my toolbar the 'Your computer is protected' line is 'greyed-out'. Can anyone advise if this is normal and that Ithe programme is running normally?



  • Simon
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    Have you restarted the machine since the F-Secure installation?  If not, that might be something to try, as it's possible that F-Secure hasn't installed all of it's signature databases yet. 


    Failing that, do you have any other security applications on the machine, or have you moved to F-Secure from another product?  With Windows, the advice would be to make sure that all other 'real-time' security products are removed fully from the machine, then re-install F-Secure, but I'm not sure if that would apply to an iMac. 

  • When I posted this message I suddenly wondered if I had re-started since the install so I'll try that now. 

    Many thanks for responding and I'll post the result as soon as I'm done.


  • Re-start made no difference. It may be that everything is working ok but I'm just a little concerned that the other messages when I click on the icon are in bold black writing. 

  • Simon
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    Again, I'm working from a Windows perspective, but I assume the product works in a similar way on an iMac.  If you double click the F-Secure icon to open the Launch Pad, then click on Computer Security, it should tell you whether your computer is protected.  This is the beta version, but yours should look similar:




    From there, go into Settings and check that at least all of the Computer Security settings are switched On.


    You can also do a manual Check for Updates from the Tools tab on the above screen.


    Failing all of that, come back to us and we'll try to look into things further - and apologies in advance if none of this applies to the iMac version!  red-face.gif

  • The screen is slightly different but it tells me the same - computer is protected and up to date.  I guess that means that all is ok  and I should be happy with that. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

    Merry Xmas!



  • Simon
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    Hi Jim,


    Personally, I wouldn't be happy with that.  If you right click the F-Secure icon, do you get a popup menu, which includes Open Common Settings?  If so, check that, and see if you get a screen similar to this:




    If those are all up to date, then I would assume that you're safe, but I would still perhaps drop in a support ticket, just for clarification and peace of mind.  That is, of course, unless someone can answer more definitively here.

  • No - if I right-click I get a tab with 3 messages: "Your computer is protected' (greyed out), 'Open F-Secure Anti-Virus for Mac' and 'Check for updates'. I don't have any images like yours. II opened the programme, clicked on STATUS and it tells me that Virus and Spyware and Firewall are turned ON so I'm now assuming that all must be well with the programme and my installation?



  • Simon
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    OK, well, maybe it's different for iMacs.  If all the other parts of the program are telling you you're protected, then I guess you should be fine, but I'd still be curious to know why that one is greyed out.  dunno.gif

  • I did try contacting support online however on 2 occasions, after waiting for some time, the connection was terminated at the other end for some reason. I'mm maybe try that again later when it's maybe a little quiter and see if I get a response this time.

    Thanks for your help.



  • Simon
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    The online chat has been a bit hit and miss lately.  It might be easier to drop a support ticket in, just to get some clarification.  :)

  • You'll have to excuse my ignorance but how does a support ticket work? When I click on that tab it takes me to the Support page for online support (as tried) and community support which is how I got this thread started. Is it simply the Request Support tab which takes me to an e-mail support request.



  • Simon
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    Yes, that's right.  Fill in the form with as much detail as you can, then send it off and you should get an acknowledgement with an SR-ID number.  Keep hold of that, and they should reply properly in due course.

  • I'll do that now. Although I'm 'fairly sure' I'm protected alright, that greyed-out line worries me a bit so I'd like to have it clarified for certain. Thanks for all your help. 

  • Chrissy
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    Hi jimnorah,

    Just checking in to make sure you got things sorted... Did you end up submitting a support ticket to receive an official answer to this issue? Please let us know what you found out!

    // Chrissy
  • Hi.


    Yes, I did submit a report which stated: 'it seems that your status of the security on your Mac shows protected. It is normal that the font on the F-Secure Anti Virus for Mac were bolded black'.

    Although I'm still a little concerned that the line 'your computer is proteced' is greyed-out I have to take them at their word and believe it IS protected. 


    Many thanks and a Happy New Year to all!


    Jim Knox

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