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Today, there was a tv show on NRK (Norwegian national broadcasting) about computer security.


Their internet page is:

Google transelated it for you:


The show was recorded by Swedish TV, where some journalists and a hacker went from door to door and asked if they could hack peoples pc's, to show how easy it was.


So they gave 10 different points on how to protect your computer from hackers and malware.


The number 10 says as following:


"Bruk en skriptblokerer i nettleseren, for eksempel NoScript for nettleseren Firefox.


> "Use a script blocker in your web browser, for example NoScript for your Firefox."


Does F-Secure contain such stuff for us users, so we dont need to worry about that?


  • NiclasHL

    Thanks alot =)

  • patet
    patet Posts: 57 Explorer

    Add-ons such as NoScript provide better protection, but need a LOT more user input and you need to be quite good with computers to understand all that stuff, or willing to learn.


    You can find more info about NoScript here:

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