Protection against identity theft




I and many others aways read

  • Protection against identity theft
in the feature list.

What(or how) it does really protect?


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    Your identity or more general, infirmation related to your identity like usernames, passwords, credit card information, social media website logins, email logins and so on, can be stolen.

    What steals this information?
    - Malicious software you download and installed (often hidden in "harmless" stuff like video plugins or tools you think you need etc.)
    - Things that exploit a security problem, mostly found in browsers.

    What/How we protect:
    - We have *Browsing Protection* which can block websites you would download malicious programs from without knowing
    - We protect browsers with an *Exploit Shield* to proactively keep you browser save
    - We scan the dangerous programs as soon as they are downloaded to your hard drive (Real-time scanner)
    - we check the program when you execute (double click) it and see if it is a harmless or harmful program

    So basically, before information about you can be stolen our desktop products will have four layers of protection actively securing your use of the computer.
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    as you say there's no real, actual or meaningful in those words except words themselve. Any of AVs do that - protect you from malware.

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    no, a simpe AV can not protect you in a depth like FSIS (and similiar Computer&Internet Security Proramms) in the market. Esp. program free of charge do not offer in depth inspection of URLs, and activity on the system.


    To make things short "F-Secure Internet Security is much more than a simple Antivirus!" and it is not "only AV+ Firewall"


    But let us know, what would you expect when you read "protection against ID theft"

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    Internet security in this scanerio is Good AV+Firewall+Parental Control.


    I'm expecting it will do some magic to protect ID of customer. Which is already unrealistic. More realistic what I expect is that customer will use encription (some kind of it) when you do fill account info on webpages and not only.


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