Want to download the standalone installer for FIS 2012


I don't want the indirect file installer which is being offered right now. I have to do a clean installation.


  • Siltanen
    Siltanen Posts: 61 F-Secure Employee

    Hello FarGuddu,


    Where did you download the installer from? Can you send me a private message with the link?

  • FarGuddu

    It messes up things for sure. Here's how:


    I ran the installer. It uninstalled 2011 version and as soon as it tried to reboot, I got a BSOD with "fshs.sys" driver in the crash dump. It messed up my computer.


    I just hate indirect installers. They just mess up things.


    I demand a standalone installer.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi FarGuddu,

    We need to understand the root-cause for the BSOD problem before fixing things. Please submit a support request here and attach the fsdiag file and memory.dmp file (%windir%\memory.dmp).

  • clint
    clint Posts: 1
    I, for another, won't put up with network installers. They are for the children that use Microsoft. I hate network installers. Too bad, I was ready to switch to F-secure, but network-installer-only is a bad sign and I'm off to find a different Security Suite.
  • beiker
    beiker Posts: 33 Explorer

    can you please share which part went wrong for the network installers? It worked out well for me. 

  • racmar
    racmar Posts: 1

    Hello Guys,


    some time ago, I saw a video from a PC that has been set up newly, without any security software, connected to the network and the internet, and then just waiting for what happens, without starting a browser or doing anything else.

    About half an hour passed by. Then, without any doing from the user, a porn site popped up, that opened hundreds of other sites, installing malware and other bad stuff I don't really want to have on my disk...


    within a few days, I want to install a new PC as well as a reinstall my own system. because of the problem described before, I would like to set up my security suite before connecting the pcs to the internet. Isn't there any possibility to get F-Secure Internet Security 2012 Installed without internet connection?

  • MJ-perComp
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    you are not unprotected with Windows alone!


    1) The windows firewall will protect against incomming traffic, so that what you saw is based on old operating systems. Also your router has a simple NAT-firewall that will protect you. So nothing to worry!


    2) the first thing you do is to update Windows and install nothing else! You might need to repeat this step until Windows update no longer reports about missing updates


    3) then install F-Secure and wait till it has finished downloading everything. It takes some time to download install and activate all the modules. At least one reboot is needed in the end to get everything up and running.


    During all these steps the windows firewall should protect you until the F-Secure firewall comes up.

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