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Det jag har lärt mig på kurser angående datasäkerhet är att ett av tricken att påtvinga virus

är att datoranvändaren tvingas till en aktivitet, som t ex att klicka enligt någons order, Numera

kan jag konstatera att det är oundvikligt därför att stora delar av reklamen kräver en sådan

åtgärd. Samtidigt kan jag konstatera att åtskilliga datorer "förslöats" hastighetsmässigt, Vill få

klarhet i detta!!!




  • Hej F-secure!


    Har ni fått fnatt??? Detta var inte vad jag skrev varken ordagrant eller




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    Dear Juvelen, 


    Our community isn't yet localized in Swedish, also in order for us to help you could you kindly repost your question in English(or German in the correct part of the community)?


    Was there some problem with your first post as your second post seems to mention?


    Thank you.

  • NikK
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    I took the liberty of changing the subject into a more descriptive one Smiley Embarassed


    First of all, no anti-virus product can protect you to 100%. I would say that the main risk in getting infected is the users behavior. People designing ads and fake messages are taking advantage of this.


    Regarding ads and other messages that users might feel forced to click on, my advice is to never click on anything unless you know it's 100% legitimate. These ads and messages are often designed to trick you, for example "Your computer is in danger. Click here to fix it".

    My point is: It's up to every user to decide whether or not to click on a message. If someone tells you to, it's still your own decision.


    If you find a product in an ad interesting, instead of clicking it you could search for it with F-Secure Safe Search which will show a safety rating for every hit:



    And before using a new website I recommend checking it's reputation and reviews on Web Of Trust:



    And maybe consider using an adblocker:



    Try the free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to see if you have any kind of malware that traditional anti-virus products don't find:


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