F-Secure Key for Windows RT and WP

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is there any roadmap for Win RT and WP?


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  • I am missing the Windows Phone client too :-(

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    We are not currently planning to make release of F-Secure Key for Windows Phone. But as there seems to be growing number of requests for this platform, we may re-evaluate the situation later. Your voice is definately heard, thank you for letting us know!





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    I have moved this thread to our Idea Exchange -board.

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    Yep. Do add WP8 to supported platfroms. Thanks!

  • Yeah, WP8 app would be appreciated.

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    Definetely add WP8 to supported platforms ASAP! Key is a great app, but using it is very complicated since You cannot sync Your mobile phone.

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    Windows phone certainly needed.

    Especially when accessing sites from a computer that does not have F-Secure Key.

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    Do you think this might happen soon?  otherwise I'll have to look at another way.


    Suggest you tell support staff that it isn't supported yet. (ticket number 00190616).


    I suppose this should be posted somewhere else but i can't be bothered wasting any more time searching for something that isn't there.

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    Any updates on this subject?

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    Please reevaluate your position this. It is really frustrating to make work arounds in wp 8.1. Product is good, but wp version is very much needed

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    Please make application also Lumia phones, thanks!

  • I would like to have Key for my WP8.1 and coming WP10 phone. Now I'm using LastPass in two Windows 8.1 PC, WP8.1, and Android tablet. Without cowering these three systems I'm not your customer. It's too bad.

  • Hello any news on F-Secure voor Nokia Phone (Lumia 930) OS WP 8.0 ?

    we have an companie licence and i'm testig now WP and also Surface tablet's


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