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I am a Virgin Media customer and installed F-Secure a few weeks ago without problem. Recently however when I try to run a scan it stops after a few seconds and will not complete.


Although the Action Centre advises there are no issues, there is a message emanating from there, but it flashes on and off screen to quickly to read.


I think however I have now isolated it as follows:-


Publisher: F-Secure

Program: Windows Security Centre Handler



There is a prompt to run this program but when I do so it does disappears and gives no indication that it has run. The flashing message from the action centre still continue and the scans still do not complete.


As you can probably see from this message I am a bit of a computer novice so please treat me gently.


Would it help to reinstall F-Secure or am I missing something simple such as changing settings in the Action Centre?



Bob M


  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    Do you have any other security products besides F-Secure that might cause conflicts?


    If not, and you don't get an answer here from an F-Secure employee, I suggest you submit a Support Request and attach an FSDIAG file in that request. By sending that file to the support technicians they can view important logs from your computer which will be valuable trying to solve this problem.

  • Thanks for your reply NikK, much appreciated.


    I have no other security products except the Windows 7 firewall etc. that came with the system so I'll wait for an employee answer or, if not, follow your advice re Support Request.


    To make matters worse I now have a message telling me "Your Computer Security is turned off" when as far as I can tell it isn't!


    Very frustrating.


  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    As long as the F-Secure product says it's OK and you are protected, the problem is probably only Windows not detecting it correctly. It seems to be a problem with F-Secure communicating with Windows Action Center.


    I suggest you submit a support request with an FSDIAG file right now.

  • Simon,


    Thanks very much for your thoughts and ideas. 


    I followed your advice and ran the VM security uninstaller plus the VM hub uninstaller, rebooted, and this did the trick. Scans have been running trouble free for the last couple of days.


    May I ask one more question. VM Security had a separate PC Cleaner program. Is this included somewhere as part of F-Secure or do I need to download CCleaner or similar?.


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