FSIS 2012 Release


I see where the official release date  for FSIS 2012 is Oct 25th.  I would like to go ahead and purchase the product with the licenses now at the ehome site.  It says it will install FSIS 2011 and auto upgrade on the 25th.  When I go to the ehome site,

It only gives it to me in euros, and I live in the USA. How do you get around that one?  Also My licenses ran out for my regular

purchase of FSIS 2011 in Sept, as my year was up, and it took you over a year since the last release to get the FSIS 2012 out.  Can I sill use the renew option to obtain the new version of FSIS 2012 at a discounted price as normal?

I have had to use the FSIS 2012 beta for security until it was released.


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