Few suggestion on F-secure key android

1. Slide to right to access menu.
2. Always prompt master password when user access F-secure key. It won't ask a pasword when I click another application and access back f-secure key.
3. A menu to easy login. means that I don't need to click login button if I enter master password correctly.
4. Add more icon like Evernote, Instagram or able the user to add custom icon for title.
5. A menu to setting idle mode. auto logout when user in idle mode. only when in main interface not when a user in adding interface.

that's all that I can think to improve. thank you


  • Chrissy
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    Hi shahrilosman!


    Thanks for your suggestions on our newest product offering!  I've moved your post here to the Idea Exchange board so that other Community members may "vote" on your suggestions, potentially influencing the rate at which the ideas may be implemented.


    I will forward your suggestions to a product manager :)


    // Chrissy

  • JuhaT
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    Thanks for the many improvement ideas. One clarification, which device and OS were you using?

    The easy login suggestion you had sounds nice. Short answer: there is a lot happening after you have entered the master password. This computation takes time and CPU resources before you get to the main view. I.e. check wouldn't work in real-time.

    Longer more technical answer for the easy login; The master password is fed to PBKDF2 master encryption key derivation algorithm. Purpose for PBKDF2 is to make encryption key derivation time consuming and CPU intensive. This improves data protection against certain categories of attacks against the encryption we have. Running the key derivation for every character you type would trash the CPU and excessively drain battery on mobile devices.

    As for prompting the master password; Currently we have 5 minute timer after what the app locks and forgets all the encryption keys. We may have this user configurable by your preference in future releases.

    For icons; Any other services you'd like to have than Evernote and Instagram?

  • Chrissy
    Chrissy Posts: 406 Active Engager