AV-Comparative Test on F-Secure 2014 (November Reports)

Rusli Posts: 1,012 Influencer

This is AV-Comparatives Test on F-Secure 2014 base on November Reports


Malware Removal tests.




Perfomance Test.




Protection Test.





Results from av-comparatives.



Malware Removal test -score 82 Points Fall under the category of Award Advance ** (2 star)


Performace  test score - AV C score - 90 PC Mark Score 98.8 Total 188.8  Fall under the category of Award Advance + (3 star)




  • viktik
    viktik Posts: 62 Active Engager

    really disappointed to see f secure score DD equivalent to zero in sample that is very widespread trojan horse.


    F secure must respond to this test result.


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,665 Superuser

    No surprise to see Kaspersky and BitDefender leading the field once again.

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