ask and ask tihis is more of statement. Firewall is neard territory for most of people


  • 2eemeli
    2eemeli Posts: 99



    what is the issue with the firewall?


    Here you should write as well some more details.


    What are you trying to do?





  • Jayson
    Jayson Posts: 595

    Hi baloo,

    Thanks for your post. 


    Please describe more details for the issue you are facing, so we will be able to assist you further. 


    Thank you.


    Best Regards,


  • Skuggan
    Skuggan Posts: 25


    You can use the default settings in the Firewall, there is no need to dig in deeper.


    But for me the firewall is more than just an automatic blocker, I use it to kill internet access for certain programs when my VPN goes down. And sometimes I want to deny a program that I have allowed access before.

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