"F-Secure Dll-Hoster" and AJAX-calls in Chrome = Problems




I'm developing Web-Applications on a windows-7-computer. After updating to IS-2014 I got a strange behavior: Some Ajax-Calls in Chrome are not processed - Chrome network view just says "pending" for 3 Minutes and then time-outs.


After trying to figure the problem out for some days now using different computers and browsers (it works in Firefox without problems), even reinstalling Chrome I was able to isolate the problem so far that it only occurs with Chrome and with the service "F-Secure Dll Hoster" enabled. Means:

Starting Service "F-Secure Dll Hoster" => Ajax-Call fails

Stopping Service "F-Secure Dll Hoster" => The same(!) Ajax-Call works

Starting Service again "F-Secure Dll Hoster" => The same Ajax-Call fails again


So advice what do to?







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