Does FS (TP99.5) fully disable Windows Defender in Windows 8.1?

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Having run the F-Secure Health Check, it is reporting that I have no computer security!  I'm running the latest Beta (TP99.5), which reports that it is running and that my computer is protected.  I have also discovered that Windows Defended has been turned off, and I receive an error message when trying to enable it.  Is this something F-Secure has done?







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  • Blackcat
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    Windows Defender on Windows 8/8.1 is a full antivirus/antispyware/antimalware program and it is part of the operating system that cannot be uninstalled.


    So when another antimalware program such as FSIS is installed to Win 8.1, it will trigger Defender to shut itself down/be disabled when FSIS registers itself to Windows.




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  • Rusli
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    Once install F-Secure on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.


    F-Secure will disable Windows Defender by default.


    To bring back on Windows Defender, you need to do F-Secure Uninstall. (With F-Secure Uninstall Tool)


    If you are using Windows 7. You can enable and disable Windows Defender. But I'm not so sure you can do that with Microsoft Security Essential.

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    I've always had Windows Defender running along side F-Secure without any problems. If I enable it in Windows 7, it seems to be disabled again sooner or later, possibly when F-Secure upgrades. Plus, you can't see whether it's running or not, as there's no system tray icon for WD in Windows 7. I guess I'll just have to live without it.
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    Regardless...  Any antivirus will disable the Windows Defender by default in Windows 8. And Windows  8.1.

    Unless you uninstall it, and it will bring back on Windows Defender.


    You can do that on Windows 7. But not on Windows 8. And Windows 8.1.


    There's no option for that.


    I did try to enable via service. Somehow it doesn't start. That's exactly what I've got on the screen shot. (Same thing)


    F-Secure or any antivirus recommends to run only one antivirus on your computer. They did not want to run many. To avoid any conflict. Not only that, there is tendency not be able to detect any viruses if you run both.


    I have test this issues with F-Secure before, in 2010. If you run both simultaneously, F-Secure will not be able to detect it.


    I usually runs Avira, Malwarebytes,Superantispyware,Hitman Pro.And Bitdefender Online Scanner. If I really want to detect something suspicious. I will throw in Emisoft. Or McAfee Online Scanner.


    I would have Kaspersky TDSSKiller at my disposal. Will have Avira & Kaspersky Rescue Disk. That's for sure.


    I try out Bitdefender Free Antivirus too. Dr Web. TrustPort. Etc. Even Eset Online Scanner.

  • Simon
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    OK, well it isn't running on either machine now, so there's no problem, but thanks anyway. :)
  • Ville
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    Actually to be perfectly clear we disable Windows Defender in Windows 7 only. Windows 8 (and newer) has built-in mechanism where it automatically shuts down Defender when it detects that AV is installed. That's also why you can't turn it on. Windows will not let you.




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