Another satisfied customer.

New thread over at Virgin Media;


Support not shown in the best light here!


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    Oh dear!  But, it wouldn't be unusual for that not to be the whole story.  The removal being so troublesome has to suggest that the product wasn't installed properly in the first place (another victim of a failed VMS removal?), and who's to say that the machine wasn't infected prior to installing FS?

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    Concern was that Support never sent him the link for the uninstaller.
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    Yes, indeed, assuming a correct email address was given.
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    I pointed Yanni to the uninstall tool so she was satisfied in the end.


    Although she then jumped ship to AVG!-so you can't win them all! Smiley Frustrated


    For any problem posted on that Forum, one of the helpers over there, gary_dexter (over 5,000 posts) suggests to uninstall any paid product offered by Virgin Media. So maybe there will not be a lot of extra F-Secure users after all!


    "I suggest removing fsecure and putting on either Avast Free or MSE along with Malwarebytes"

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    I think it's a shame, and has reflected badly on F-Secure, that the instructions for switching from VMS were to allow the FS installation process to automatically remove VMS, which has clearly caused problems for many users, It doesn't give new users of a product a very good first impression, when the installation instructions are seemingly 'incorrect'. Maybe, if the switch from VMS had gone smoother, more people would be happier with F-Secure, which is certainly a superior product to AVG!
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    One of gary's help posts today;


    Yeah don't use fsecure

    there's plenty of free and better alternatives out there like Avast Free or MSE, backed up with Malwarebytes

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