World wide man-in-the-middle attack targeting large ISP's

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This was a scary reading. I didn't think it was possible in such a big scale, and it's been going on for a while too.

Finnish internet traffic seems to be in the clear, but not Swedish. USA were most targeted.


"Typically, but not always, the bits being sent from your computer, tablet or phone will flow from where you are to where they need to be via the most direct route available.

But what if they didn’t? What if someone slipped in between you and the various servers you’re connecting with and diverted your traffic elsewhere, funneling it through a choke point of their choosing, so they could capture, copy and analyze it? Your data takes some extra — and imperceptible — milliseconds to get where it’s going and ultimately everything you’re doing online works just fine. But your traffic has been hijacked by parties unknown and you’re none the wiser that it has happened."


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    Thank you for this. Like the F-Secure tech told me. They own your lines then they own you! Welcome to the not so free at all United States of America. Smiley Sad. Smiley Sad. Smiley Sad.



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