So everyone let's get a big huge round of applause for Windows 8.1!

Enfcmedic384 Posts: 181 Enthusiast

I downloaded the free upgraded and I must tell that there is no going back and I wanted to let all you guys know that there is no going back literally. If anyone out there knows of a way for someone with a Windows 8 disc to refresh or reset their PC back to Microsoft system settings please let me know. If you downloaded the free update and you choose to try and refresh or reset the pc it will state the recovery media is invalid. If you are lucky enough to have 8.1 factory freshly pressed then this probably does not apply to you. It may still be secure F-Secure but I LOVE my Windows 7 so very,very much and if someone could make a version of Windows 8.1 that does not look like a Glorified Tablet OS then I think I could like maybe.I understand that was exactly what microsoft was trying to do. This guy here wants to learn Adobe premiere and photoshop on his Wintel machine and 8.1 over 7 Ultimate just seems UGH.


If there is someone out there with a high end config runnning windows 8.1 please reply and let me know how you set it up and are getting along. I would appreciate the advice and information. Until then let's here it for the current incarnation of 8.1 or maybe not...... Smiley Sad.

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