No F-Secure Internet Security 2013 download...?



I've pretty recently gotten a new computer, and from my old notebook I took the key of my F-Secure Internet Security 2013 into safekeeping. I double-checked that the key was correct before wiping out everything from it and trading it away.


However, when I tried to find the product from the site, all I could find was the 2014 products. Is there any way to get the 2013 version from this site? I still have time for the key all the way to St. Valentine's day 2014, and I'd rather have the computer protected until the subscription code for all 3 licenses expires.


Thank you in advance!


With regards,



  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    As long as you haven't an ISP version of the F-Secure product, you can upgrade to the latest version here:


    There's no reason to search for 2013 when there's a better 2014 Smiley Wink

    I don't think a license is limited to a specific version. Only to a specific product, in your case F-Secure Internet Security.

    In other words you should install the 2014 version.

  • Moonlightelf
    Moonlightelf Posts: 8 Observer

    I actually tried to install the 2014 and try the code, but it didn't accept the key code. And I am 100% sure that it is correct. So I suspect that it is tied to version. )=

  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    By key code I assume you mean the subscription key? A 20-character string or similar.


    You can wait for an F-Secure employee to reply here, to help you. Probably not until tomorrow though.

    Or but that won't help much if you're sure you already have the correct subscription key.


    However, I'm pretty sure, but not 100%, your key should work with a newer version. I guess we'll have to wait for someone else to clear that out for us.

  • Moonlightelf
    Moonlightelf Posts: 8 Observer

    Yeah, the 20-character string. Basically I copy-pasted it from the product before wiping the old computer empty.


    Probably someone from the staff can help better... but thank you for trying at least. =)

  • Blackcat
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    Hi Moonlightelf,


    How did you obtain your original copy of F-Secure:


    1. If by normal retail channels, then you should be able to upgrade to the recent 2014 version without any problems.


    2. However, if it was one of the recent free offers, then you are tied to that version.


    For example the standalone AV was recently given away. 




    But with these offers they embed the serial code into the build. Therefore, they hard-coded these special offers the same as the trial version; only 1 install allowed unless you ask for a license key re-set.


    If this is the case you could try a complete uninstall using the specific removal tool;


    I would therefore carry out a complete uninstall first, then try using your license key in the 2014 version.



  • Moonlightelf
    Moonlightelf Posts: 8 Observer


    Through normal retail channels. But there was only the code in the box. It wasn't free offer, it was bought this year on February.


    However, even after downloading and trying to install the Internet Security 2014 more than 3 times, the subscription key was 100% correct and no dice on the program accepting it. Keeps saying "Check that you've given right subscription key".


    The original was uninstalled completely from the previous computer, by wiping the entire computer empty, so I really doubt there are any files left after removing entire Windows OS.

    The current computer, which I am currently on, has never had F-secure before, since it has been with me less than a day.

  • Blackcat
    Blackcat Posts: 503 Influencer

    So if this is a retail copy of F-Secure then the problem is possibly that you have a 3-user license for F-Secure but with your new laptop you are exceeding your number of licenses (your old netbook and your parent's two computers).


    Therefore, If you uninstall while not connected to internet (or use uninstallation tool), the license is not released on the licensing server.


     However, when you install and all your licenses are in use, the product should give you an option to move a license. BUT you have to be connected to the Internet. Did you see any pop-up when trying to install the new version?


    Further is it easy to check one of your parent's machines to see how many licenses are presently in use? Then we can see whether it is indeed an excess key problem or a different one? 


    Good past thread here on transferring licenses;


  • Moonlightelf
    Moonlightelf Posts: 8 Observer

    I didn't see anykind of pop-up when trying to install the new version. The software only gave me "Check that the subscription key is correct" type of message without that sort of pop-up. Might be that I have to check the license's key just in case the copy-paste derped.


    Since I am the IT-nerd of the household, I am fully aware of where the licenses are suppposed to be installed. One is in our home's computer, and another is my parent's laptop. The third and last one was in the Acer Aspire notebook, which's memory and everything were wiped away, and traded away. Since my parents are quite handicapped about installing softwares (it falls as my task, always, no matter how small), them re-installing the 3rd license to another source is impossibility.

  • AndyY
    AndyY Posts: 27 F-Secure Product Expert

    Dear Moonlightelf,


    With regards to your problem, I would suggest you to open a Support Ticket and provide us with the subscription key so we can check that for you:


    Once you have open a SRID kindly update me so that I can help to solve your issue.


    Best Regards,
    Andy Yoon

  • Simon
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    Glad it's sorted. :)
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