If the US does put Predators over our Cities I am moving PERMANENTLY.

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I just wanted to share this with you guys because most people do not know that it is as the US plans to put armed drones over the United States and I am sure they probably already have. The problem is when is it ok to use it and when not too and this is something no one is talking about saying it's a secret. You say that I have done nothing wrong and what happens now well the truth is the Predator fires a missile called a Hellfire and it is not called this because it is a nice small missile. Please look at this link here http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2009/06/why-was-pakistan-drone-strike-so-deadly/

IF you are driving in your car or sitting next to your girl or wife at a Cafe and you just happen to be in the same place as the guy who has been declared a clear and present danger to the US and they give a kill order over at the NSA. What I would like to know is when is it ok for you to be collateral damage? I think it should be never but the world usage of these things so far does not seem to matter. Finland and Sweden seem so much nicer this time of year even if the winter is hitting 15 below :).




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    15 below on a Finnish winter day is what we call "mild" and "temperate" Smiley Surprised

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    LOL :) That is kind of rough for the bathing suit weather. I think that since I have been reading up on Finland they may just let the American get by with the Reindeer or Dog Sled team going to work. It;s ok he;s new and he's  a crazy American as soon as he heard we had Reindeer he had to do the Santa Claus commute thing. :)

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