What can I do to make my computer run faster?


My computer has been running slower and slower when I'm on-line playing Garden of Times, or any other on-line game lately.  What do I need to make it run faster?


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    I'd say: ask Sebastian Vettel to carry it on his F1-car so it might go some 300km/h!


    Honestly, if you do not give any details on yout equipment how should anyone tell you without quaoting any PC magazine?

    What computer, what CPU, what mem, what F-Secure Version, what OS...




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    Depending on much junk you have installed, I myself was just forced to re-install Windows 7, I havent been forced to re-install a OS since Windows 98. But on this machine I had installed tons of junk, and changed drivers without uninstalling the old drivers before hundreds of times. And eventually it became so unstable that it froze often and Windows rebooted very frequently without any error messages. It couldnt even get through a directx installation from games in Steam without a windows crash. 


    This time I installed Windows 7 and then patched it and installed SP1 before touching a single driver, then I took a backup of it so I can revert it fast if it would happen again in the future. And it's back to being lightning fast, for now atleast. :)

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