Weekend support for Forum?

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Is there any weekend support available from either F-Secure, or the forum staff?  If not, can I suggest that this is something that needs looking into?  I reported a post yesterday, for 'inappropriate content' (it is displaying personal details - phone number, email address, and security code), but this has not been actioned on nearly 24 hours later.  In my opinion, a public forum needs watching over - we're pretty lucky here with our member base, but there's always a possibility that someone could post something malicious or illegal, and this could not be allowed to stand for a whole weekend.



  • Blackcat
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    I would of thought Support hours would have increased when there is now potentially a lot of new users coming from Virgin Media? 

  • AniaC
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    Hi Simon and Blackcat,

    indeed, that is a valid concern. We're lacking weekend moderation and are now wery intensively working on it. Once again, thank you for flagging this critical matters. We really appreciate that. 

  • Blackcat
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    It's not just weekend support that is lacking; there seems to be more of these posts of late where there appears to be little help at all; http://community.f-secure.com/t5/Security-for-PC/Forgot-my-anti-theft-password/td-p/25360


    And in my experience in the last few weeks, CHAT support is definitely getting worst. Is this support outsourced?

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