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F-Secure was recently installed on my laptop. Since then I have been getting the following 'pop up' every couple of hours.


Application blocked


Deep Guard has blocked an application in your computer:

                       Application:          dup.exe


                       Reason:               Previously blocked application


              What should be done?


              Your computer is protected.  If you still want to use the application, you 

              can change the application permissions.....



              Report this application to F-Secure




I have reported this to F-Secure several times yet it still keeps popping up whilst I am working on my computer.  Please could anyone give me advise on how to get rid of this problem?  Could you also tell me if F-Secure charges for online chat/support,( I know some companies do). 


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  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Looking on Google, dup.exe appears to be a trojan or malicious application, so it seems F-Secure is right to block it.  I would suggest a full computer scan, or at least a scan of your main drive, and hopefully F-Secure will find and remove that, plus any other malicious applications.  If it doesn't find it on your main drive, then do a full computer scan.

  • Blackcat
    Blackcat Posts: 503 Influencer

    You could also;


    1. Install and give a scan with the free on demand scanner Malwarebytes and see what that finds;


    2. Install and give a scan with the trial version of HitmanPro and see if that finds anything;


    Both are good backup/second opinion scanners to F-Secure.


    There is no charge for the email/Chat support but I am not sure about phone support.

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