log the details of virus and spyware found

F secure needs to log the detailed info of viruses & spyware found.

The log would contain


  1. File name
  2. File path
  3. Type of virus,trojan,worm
  4. Date
  5. Time
  6. Actions taken

This detailed log can be used to create more detailed statistics where virus& spyware statistics can show how many malwares were found on particular day, month or year.




  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,267 Superuser



    Just as potential feedback (I'm also only F-Secure user).


    I able to suspect that for users -> there is some changes already.

    Possible to see "Recent events" lists and Quarantine with noted points.

    But 'extended statistics' still not available feature. And maybe only this information is not something which should be too much interesting with common feelings.


    If we talk about such points as potential data for F-Secure -> I able to think that it's used by them.