Outlook will not receive emails since downloading f secure in place of virgin media


After receiving an email from virgin media requesting me to registry for the new security F secure that will replace virgin media on the 31st Dec 2013, it then took me to a page to start download. I followed the instructions and proceeded with the install it removed the current virgin media security and replace it with the new F secure one. After a few minutes of downloading it crashed my pc and on completing the download at the request of restarting to make changes come into effect it would not let me do anything, it hung with no response I had to reboot manually. after this my outlook has not received any emails. I managed to speak with your online chat and did a remote session with someone who completely un-installed the f secure and a number of other programmes.. which looked rather worrying. After about an hour of remote control and trying numerous things and restarting a number of times... WHICH CAN I ADD WHEN IT WAS ALL REMOVED THE MESSAGES STARTED DOWNLOADING ... then the remote access was cut off by your side and I was left with no security what so ever! 

I then receive an email at this point I could still receive them as had no anti virus security still on my pc, requesting I reinstall the security. 

I proceeded to do this as requested although the instructions were very poor and had to ablib a lot of things. 

Eventually the F secure was reinstalled and working after a quick reboot. But on trying to receive email in my outlook it was back to not letting me. 

I don't even want the Fsecure if it is conflicting with my email, at one point it also conflicted with my internet connection too which I managed to sort I want to roll back to my virgin Media for the time being and then will have to look to purchasing some other security that will not give me the troubles F secure has.

Can you please suggest any ideas for either getting virgin media back or receiving emails??


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