Wireless network undetectable after F-Secure install.

I have just installed F-Secure (Virgin media customer) on my Windows XP laptop. Installed OK but after the final reboot my laptop can no longer see ANY wireless network. I have 2 and my other PC sees them OK. I checked the switch just in case, but it is switched on and the light shows. The download / install was done via the wifi - no problem. Is there a bug in F-Secure?


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    Hello Frank1,


    I order to check what might be the issue, and resolve it, could you kindly open a support ticket, providing a fsdiag to speed up the process.


    Thank you.


    PS: I moved your post to a more relevant board.

  • Hi Ben. As you can tell, I'm using a different computer for this reply as I have no network on my old XP laptop. I am a Virgin media customer and was installing F-Secure to replace Virgin media security as instructed by Virgin. I started with my XP laptop and want to get that sorted out before I risk the other 2 PCs.

    When I installed F-Secure, it asked for a reboot duting installation, which I accepted. The PC rebooted, then did nothing. When I checked F-Secure and prompted it to install, I received a message to the effect that it was still waiting for a reboot. I rebooted again and the installation continued to end.

    When I then attempted to open a browser, I got no response. I looked at the WIFI connections and got the message "no wireless networks found in range. I'm sending this on another laptop connected by WIFI located right next to the XP laptop. I of course checked the switch on the XP laptop and WIFI is enabled (and the light is on).

    I de-installed F-Secure in the hope that WIFI would work, but no luck. As I have no network to reinslall it, I can't do an fsdiag.

    I was hoping that this would be a known problem! I'm going to try reinstalling the driver for WIFI, and if that fails, I may go back to basics and reinstall Windows XP!

    If you hear of anyone else with the same problem, I'd appreciate an emailat XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Many thanks



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    A long shot if with "browser" you mean Internet Explorer:



    Internet Explorer is much more integrated in Windows than any other browser. Therefor problems with it can cause a number of strange different problems to occur in Windows. F-Secure installs an add-on to IE that we know can cause strange problems.

  • I don't like the sound of F-Secure add ons to IE that can cause problems - what specifically should I look out for.


    The problem I have is not with IE, as the WIFI cannot see networks even though checks show WIFI and driver installed OK and working. I can't use email either.....


    The symptoms are as though the WIFI adapter (on my Toshiba it's PRO/Wireless 2200BG) had it's ability to detect networks disabled at precisely the same time as F-Secure became active

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    I understand, but as I said, unlike other browsers IE is integrated in Windows, so problems with IE can effect other parts of Windows. However, I mentioned it only as a long shot. It takes a minute to test, and if it doesn't help then we can rule it out and you can forget I ever mentioned it Smiley Wink


    And to be clear, most(almost all) users do NOT have any problems with the FS add-on.

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    Probably stating the bleeding obvious here but;


    1. No chance of a System Restore/Image restore?


    2. A Repair/Reset of your LAN; http://www.ehow.com/how_6955848_reset-wireless-lan-windows-xp.html


    3. Specific Software to repair the connection; LSP fix; http://www.cexx.org/lspfix.htm or WinSock XP; http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/winsock_xp_fix.html


    I remember using LSP fix and WinSock years ago. 



  • Thanks for this - but I need help - what test should I perform?

  • Thanks BlackCat - that was my next thought. If I restore the vanilla flavoured XP system and can't see the wifi networks I may have to assume that, by an amazing coincidence my hardware broke at exactly the time F-Secure became active. Probably take a while as I'm backing everything up first!

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    Frank1, I apologize. I missed the fact that you'd "de-installed F-Secure in the hope that WIFI would work, but no luck"

    As Blackcat said, first try System Restore. Hopefully you got a new restore point when you installed F-Secure.

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    If you get up and running, I would not let the F-Secure SAFE program uninstall your previous AV, I would use the specific uninstaller first and then try installing SAFE again; http://community.virginmedia.com/t5/Internet-security/Installing-F-Secure-after-Virgin-Media-Security/td-p/2038886

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    Hi Frank,


    Re the FSDIAG the support team asked for, I know it's a faff, but you could still do one on the affected machine, then transfer it to another machine which has connectivity via USB stick, and send it to F-Secure from that machine.  Just a thought...


    Hopefully, System Restore will work for you - miracles do sometimes happen!  Smiley Wink

  • Thanks Simon, but having de-installed F-Secure on the affected machine, I don't have an internet connection to re-install and then rin the diag....

  • Thanks BlackCat - once I've reinstalled XP, I will try F-Secure and there won't be an old Virgin security package to remove. Good tip though, as I still have a Vista machine to sort out, and that has Virgin security! My other PC is Windows 8 - so no Virgin security there as incompatible  

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    @Frank1 wrote:

    Thanks BlackCat - once I've reinstalled XP,   



    System Restore did not work?

  • Many thanks Jason - The networks are now visible following the removal of the Trend Common Firewall Driver. This lines up with earlier advice from BlackCat to manually remove the Virgin security before installing F-Secure rather than just the installation step that says it's removing the Virgin product...... so thanks to all who've contributed!


    I'll now have a go at reinstalling the F-Secure system.

  • Thanks again all - F-Secure now installed. I think that the lesson here might be for Virgin to re-send the email about F-Secure! The email I recieved said that the existing security will automatically uninstall - and they couldn't be more wrong!!

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    Good to hear, Frank.


    My advice now; make an image of your OS now on an external drive and a system restore point just in case you run into problems in the future.


    Macrium Free as an imaging program is highly recommended; http://www.macrium.com/reflectfree.aspx

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