how do i view a scan in progress with antivirus 2011?


I have used f-secure for two years now, and think it is the best AV out there. My only complaint is that I cannot see a scan in progress, and only know if a scheduled scan is running by my CPU usage or checking the resource monitor in task mgr. Is there a tweak that I can do to view an active scan. Love f-secure, but this bothers me.


  • Siltanen
    Siltanen Posts: 61 F-Secure Employee

    Hello sunsekr56,


    There's only a flyer shown briefly when the scheduled scanning is about to begin. Otherwise you can only tell that the scheduled scanning is running by either checking whether the fssms32.exe is using CPU more than normally, or by going to the windows task scheduler and checking whether the scheduled scanning task is running or not.


    When scanning the system through the user interface (or through windows' context menu) there's a flyer (with progress bar) shown during the whole scan.

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