Stop turning off windows firewall

Hello everybody,


FSecure Internet Security 2011 keeps turning off my windows firewall.


I do understand that it makes little sense to have two different firewalls running at the same time.


For this reason, I set the windows firewall to "allow all" for outgoing as well as incoming connections (unless there are explicit DENY rules).


I do not understand why the windows firewall is still being turned off. I would like to keep the windows firewall activated along with FSecure's firewall, because there are some IPSec rules in my windows firewall (encryption for my LAN). Obviously these IPSec rules do not work if the Windows firewall is disabled and thus the communication in my LAN fails.


Best regards, Robert


  • StephanStephan Posts: 351

    Hi Robert,


    The windows firewall is turned off when installing a product that includes a firewall (e.g. Internet Security 2011) to avoid conflicts.


    You can create new firewall rules to our firewall allowing the required protocols.

    I hope this knowledgebase article helps:


    Best regards,


  • robertrobert Posts: 3

    Hi Stephan,


    I think it is necessary to point out that


    - the windows firewall is not only disabled once during the installation process, but instead it is disabled continuously (I think it is disabled each reboot).

    - IPSec is not an application-layer protocol, instead it sits quite deep within the TCP/IP model. This is *not* about allowing a specific program to accept/create connections from/to specific ports or, as you put it, allowing a protocol.


    Best regards,


  • StephanStephan Posts: 351

    Hi Robert,


    Our Firewall does not operate on the application layer only.

    It too sits quite deep in the communication flow.


    Allowing the required protocols in the firewall should solve your issue.


    Could you give it a shot?


    However, I will forward your feedback to the product manager to be considered in future releases.


    Best regards,


  • robertrobert Posts: 3

    I repeat:

    IPSec is not a matter of allowing or disallowing some protocol.


    IPSec must be configured/activated so that communication via IP will be encrypted to specific hosts.


    Only the windows firewall is capable of doing that!


    Please just tell me how I can configure FSecure so that it does NOT disable the windows firewall automatically anymore.

  • StephanStephan Posts: 351



    Here is a Microsoft article on how to allow IPSec traffic through firewalls:


    It is currently not possible to stop the Internet Security from disabling the Windows Firewall.

    This is by design as 2 active firewalls on one system often lead to issues.


    Our Anti-Virus does not disable the Windows Firewall as it does not contain a firewall itself.

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