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I have succesfully loaded F-Secure onto my PC, but I am having problems loading it ont my Ipad. When trying to load directly onto my Ipad, I am told that F-Secure does not recognise Safari. When trying to load via my PC, (i.e. to another device) it just comes up with an error message.


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    Hi Hedders


    I am assuming you are using F-Secure SAFE?-http://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_gb/safe


    If you use the login, you can choose the versions of F-Secure you will need for both your PC and your IPad;  https://mysafe.f-secure.com/login?locale=en


    What Operating system is your PC? Mac or Windows?

  • NikK
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    Please provide more information, like error messages, screenshots etc.

    Do you mean the Child Safe product on the iPad?

  • Recently joined F-secure through Virgin Media and having the same problem.


    Loaded and installed on my PC just fine, but I have an iPad which only uses wi-fi (no 3G and thus no phone number), which I would also like to protect.


    However there is no way of downloading F-secure Safe onto it - going to the website and using Safari to try and download it does nothing, Safari doesn't download anything. Tried using the 'Mobile' and 'Mac' options neither works. 


    Is there such a thing as an F-secure app?

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    have you logged into the SAFE portal?;  https://mysafe.f-secure.com/login?locale=en


    You can then see and download the F-Secure products available under the terms of the F-Secure SAFE license.


    I am not sure whether that includes software for the iPad.


    If not you can download F-Secure Child Safe from Apple's App Store; http://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/child-safe

  • Yes I got these options from the Safe portal.


    Does the lack of a useable iPad option means there isn't anything available? Why can't the 'mobile' option cover iPads?


    I am more interested in the anti-virus than the child safety stuff, not having any kids. I know Apple products are supposed to be hard to hack and all that, but you never know.

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    Hi Hedders,


    I can confirm NikK is indeed correct. iPad is not supported. In fact, iPad platform is quite secure and no anti-virus is needed generally.


    But who knows, the trend could change in the near future. Just make sure you do not jail break your iPad :)


    Best regards,


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  • Jake
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    for iPad we have Safe Browser and Child Safe apps available from App Store.


    F-Secure Safe Browser is a user-friendly browser that comes with technically superior security services. We will protect your web browsing, identity, and online life at the same time when making your browsing experience faster, easier and more pleasant.




    With the F-Secure Child Safe you can ensure that your child does not see harmful content when browsing the web. You can define what type of sites your child is allowed to surf and deny access to specific content categories, e.g. violence. To ensure safe surfing use the F-Secure Child Safe browser yourself and, more importantly, guide your children to access the web only with this browser.



  • Blackcat
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    Any reason why these two are not part of the F-Secure SAFE package?

  • Thanks for your help NikK

  • NikK
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    Glad I could help!  I've marked my answer as the solution, hope you don't mind.

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