Online Scanner FIN language doesn't work

I just downloaded Online Scanner and tried to use it with Finnish language with no success. Program reported that it failed to download the databases needed. After several attempts, I changed to English and succeeded immediately.


I am running WIN XP sp3 os laptop. 


Has anyone else had the same problem?


  • Blackcat
    Blackcat Posts: 503 Influencer

    Just tried here on my UK Laptop, Win 7, 64-bit. It did work.


    Capture 6 .GIF


    I would not worry too much if the Online Scanner does not work for you; it automatically deletes any files that it considers malware (but maybe a false positive), which can cause big problems if it is a system file. 


    If you want a second opinion on-demand scanner try the free Malwarebytes; which will run in Finnish (well at least on my machine). But more importantly it will not automatically delete any suspected malware-it will ASK you what to do in this situation.


    Capture 7 .GIF




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