I got some awkward paths not able to be scannet whit fsecure. They are Opera (fake?) files, for the net browser. After i noticed them, Opera crashes alot.


They apear to be encrypted, so the scanner can not open the files.


This is how it looks:




Can this be the reason for Opera crashing? 


  • 2eemeli
    2eemeli Posts: 95 Enthusiast



    the files look like temporary files, which means, if the program needs them it will regenerate them to run.


    I would delete them and test.


    If you are not sure make a backup before deleting.


    Just in case.

  • NiclasHL

    Thanks :)


    After deleting them, the opera just chrashed once a day, wich was much bether Smiley Surprised , but i downloaded opera again, and installed it again. Fixed the problem 100% =)

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