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Having loaded F-Secure on my desktop PC I have put F-Secure on my tablet as on of my five devices and to activate is asking for a subscription key of 12 digits, the one I have for my main PC has 21 digits. Do I have another subscription key somewhere on my tablet if so where, if not how do I activate my tablet.

Cheers Cherokee


  • Neno
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    I have the same question faq not much help either I have even tried tech support and guess what thats right no help there not very good service if you ask me.



  • NikK
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    I don't use a tablet myself so I'm not sure, but Internet Security and Mobile Security are 2 different products with separate activation keys(with different lengths)

    Have you purchased the combination package "Internet Security + Mobile Security"?

    If you provide us more information on this perhaps someone else can give you a better answer.

  • Neno
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    Hi NikK 


    I have now sorted out me issue i found if you click the F-Secure tab it links here you login then click what you want to protect and it gives you a new key , easy really Smiley Very Happy thanks for your reply and i hope this helps others also 



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    Thanks for sharing your solution, Neno!


    Cherokee, has this answered your question?


    // Chrissy

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