Deepguard causing stability problem

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I am using Windows 8.1 pro and f secure IS 2014.


recently a new problem has started.

I updated the wisecare software. When I started it and tried to check for updates. Then what should have happened is deepguard should have shown message"unknown program trying to connect to  internet" and will ask whether to allow it or not. But that did not happen.

This causes stability problem. Now if I close wisecare then its window would disappear but it will still be running in memory. If I try to close the wisecare process from task manager then it would not close.


Soon other programs starts doing the same . If I try to close firefox and process hacker. Its window would disappear but will remain running in memory.


This may cause disruption of internet access. This may also cause not able to shutdown properly.


Below you can see that process wisecare, firebox and process hacker running. But there is no window of wisecare or firefox. Also multiple firefox and process hacker is running in memory. Each process is unable to close.



F SECURE IS 2014_001_06112013_064535.jpg



 If I try to close the process I get this error message

 F SECURE IS 2014_001_06112013_070246.jpg



Link for f secure diagnostics report




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    Hello Viktik,


    The support tool result file contains personal information, therefore I removed the link from your post for privacy reasons.


    In order to check the problem better, kindly open a support ticket and provide the fsdiag to our support team.


    Thank you.

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