Is F-Secure AV/IS too expensive?

For several years F-Secure products have been considered too expensive by many people; particularly those posting on security forums.


However, looking at retail prices, F-Secure may be considered a cheap alternative compared to other vendors.


The vendors chosen in addition to F-Secure were those having a considerable market share of the security market as judged by OPSWAT; .


Capture 5 .GIF

                         (All versions above were for the Windows OS. Prices shown are in English pounds).



Looking at these retail prices, compared to some other vendors, particularly Symantec and McAfee, F-Secure AV and IS can be considered pretty cheap. Overall, F-Secure was second cheapest out of 10 products.


However, when looking for the lowest price of each product, the overall trends changed; 


Capture 4.GIF



This time, the most expensive retail versions, McAfee and Symantec were now the cheapest and F-Secure is now looking to be an expensive vendor. However, the retail prices of McAfee and Symantec are ridiculous.


Overall, IMHO, F-Secure looks an attractive retail choice but a relatively expensive one if one looks out for cheaper prices.


Therefore, purely on price grounds, there maybe more attractive software than F-Secure, particularly when one considers the great free AV's now on offer. However, factor in the level of support that they offer and maybe F-Secure overall is still a good choice?


PS Any chance of these great offers surfacing again in the near future;


Capture 3 .GIF


It would also be of interest to see the available prices of F-Secure products and its rivals in different countries to the UK. So if any users are interested please add to this thread.



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