My Network always drop way below 1Mbps. It's like running a 56K modem.

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Hi All,


I find this very very fiustrating every single day that my internet connection speed always drops way below 1 Mbps. I lost many Internet Connection speed.


Every time I do speed test it drops like crazy!!!


Sometimes I cannot seems to do any software updates at my end.


What is happening???


  • Blackcat
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    since this has probably got nothing to do with your F-Secure, why don't you try asking your Internet ServiceProvider for their thoughts on the matter?


    For example a high ping value could suggest a congested network.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Rusli,


    Have you tried to disable all F-Secure services and test again your internet connection in order to verify whether or not the issue is related to F-Secure?


    Best regards,


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