Can not access F-secure 2014


I installed F-Secure 2014 from Vira Virginmedia, taking me to the F-Secure 2014 web site, i tried to access the anti virus and setting but each time i click it it take me every time to the F-Secure web site to log in and does not open F-Secure 2014 so i can see the interface etc, any help much appreciated.




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    Hi Martin


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    If you right-click on the tray icon it brings up a menu with F-Secure listed. But if you click on this it will simply take you to the main web site as you have found. 


    However if you left-click on the system tray icon then a Launch Pad opens alongside the bottom of your screen; ignore the F-Secure icon and just click on Computer Security. This will bring up the main Program Window.




    More detail on Launch pad here;


    A nice video here by Virgin media showing how to use some of the features of F-Secure SAFE; 


    EDIT-Link would not work. Go to Virgin media main site and just place F-Secure in Search box for Cable Customers. Some very good videos listed here. Have a look at "What does F-Secure SAFE do automatically".


    Capture 3 .GIF


    You can also check whether the program is working correctly by testing it out on this site;


    I hope you enjoy using F-Secure.


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