Expand the default Scan to more than only System

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I couldn't find a search here so I'm sorry if this idea may have been posted already.


Many products have a quick scan that covers main parts and files that are most likely to get infected, but without doing a full scan. For example MBAM's Quick Scan.

The default scan in Computer Security only scannes "System" which I guess is only objects loaded in memory.

On my PC that takes 12 seconds. Not much of a scan in my eyes. It's like a super light version of MBAM's fastest Flash Scan(1 min 25 seconds).


I wonder why the default scan even exists in it's current form? How many are actually using it? No user will feel more safe after a 12 second scan. The only option left if you want a more proper scan is the Full Scan, and now we're talking hours instead of seconds.


My suggestion is that the default scan is changed to something between System and a full scan, that would take a few minutes. Not seconds like it is now, and not hours like a full scan.


For scheduled scans you can't choose scan type. It's always a full scan. Why? Probably because having the default super fast scan to run on schedule would seem ridiculous.

If however the default scan was expanded then it would make sense to be able to run that on a schedule instead of a full scan.


With "default scan" I'm referring to the Scan button in the Computer Security window, the (default) Status tab, beside the Settings button. (IS 2014)

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  • Chrissy
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    "I couldn't find a search here so I'm sorry if this idea may have been posted already." Hi NikK! Good point there. I've just added a search box to the Idea Exchange layout; you should see it on the top right of the Idea Board starting on Tuesday :) As for the idea itself, I'll pass that on to one of our Product Managers, and let's see!
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    Thanks for your feedback. The (system) Scan infact does what you are suggesting. It has been optimized to scan those parts of the file system that are usually infected. This includes, for example Windows directories. Scan wizard scans usually about 10000 files, but it just happens to be very fast at this.


    We have been and we'll keep improving the full scan so that it should take tens of minutes instead of hours to scan, so in the future you may start to run that instead.

  • NikK
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    If the System scan has been optimized to take only 12 seconds on my PC, then what does the F-Secure OnlineScanner scan? Because that takes a few minutes on my PC.

  • Cale
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    The (system) 'Scan' in the product and the Online Scanner both check the reputation of the active processes and scan parts of the file system that typically contain malware. In addition to that, the online scanner scans also the memory, which is the reason it takes more time to complete. The system scan does not yet support this feature.

  • NikK
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    Thanks for explaining!

    With this knowledge I'd like to change my idea proposal to


    New Idea: Make the (default) System scan equal to the Online Scanner.

    But without the automatic delete of potential found malware, as it may be false-positives. I don't know if the Onlince Scanner actually does this, but I've read some warnings about it.


    Kudo up people! so we can get a better and improved default System Scan Smiley Wink

  • Cale
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    Current system scan is so good I'm closing this old ticket.


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