F-Secure causing FTTC speed drop?

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I have a friend who is trying out various AV products, and following my recommendation, he has just tried FSIS, and found that his broadband speed dropped from about 60Mbps to around 30Mbps, on Windows 8.1. He uninstalled FS, and his speed went back up to 60Mb. He then repeated the process and the same thing happened. What could be the reason for this? He says he's using 'new' VMs for each product he's trialling.


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    Hi Simon,


    In this case we need to determine the component that is causing the issue. Can you please disable the 4 components below, one by one and try again to test the speed.


    First, please open up Launch Pad > Computer Security > Settings.


    In Computer section, please go to:
    i) Virus & spyware scanning. Uncheck the "Turn on real-time scanning"
    ii) DeepGuard. Uncheck the "Turn on DeepGuard".


    In Internet section, please go to:
    i) Firewall. Uncheck the "Turn on firewall".
    ii) Application control. Uncheck the "Turn on application control".


    Please let us know by disabling which component can make it work correctly?

    Thank you.
    Best regards,

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    Hi Fendy,


    Sorry, but I think we'll have to close this one as unsolved.  It wasn't my installation, but a friend's, and he's now moved on to another product.  I can ask if he'd mind retesting FS with your suggestions, but he may not want the hassle of uninstalling / reinstalling again.


    Thanks for your response, though.  It's something I will bear in mind if this comes up again.





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    I have issues with Internet Connection drops. On my previous reported posts.


    I have forward and let the matter known to F-Secure B Team.


    I think they are investigating it.


    I'm not sure what causing it.


    Anyway thanks for the tips will try that one out.


  • Simon
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    My friend is a web designer and an IT support technician.  He is testing other AV products for a client, but once he has finished that, and has some free time, he has said that he will retest F-Secure, with a clean VM, following Fendy's suggestions.  I will report back here as soon as I hear anything further.

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