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These are tools that I know to be useful and good for helping in the implemention in the best protection in the world and the links are below.


Leaktest are your secure connections being intercepted and monitored?





If this utility can see you then everyone else can too!



There are too many to list on the Gibson Research Corporation Website so here is the mail URL with a directory of all the services. https://www.grc.com/default.htm Click on Services and Freeware for all the Security Services all of it is free and there is no charge at all.


This is two HUGE resources for everything one is the website bleepingcomputer.com and the is the HolyGrail of Anti-Virus Malware cleaners. It is a Utility called Combofix and you can download it from here at the following URL:



You can NOT just download and use this program. I highly recommend you read about it thoroughly on their website before using it at all. I definitely do not recommend using it while F-Secure is still installed. Please go to Bleepingcomputer.com and seek advice there before using the tactical nuke on your computer. The reason is also that Combofix when it is finished generates a log file and basically the guys at bleepingcomputer are the ones that can help you with more than anyone else. I beg everyone here though to learn malware removal with 3rd party removal tools to get a machine clean before installing F-Secure. F-Secure is the best protection in the world but some viruses JUST WILL NOT LET YOU INSTALL ANYTHING!  Combofix is free and so is the help at Bleepingcomputer.


Here is an article on using Combofix and it is extensive:



If you have Junkware and most of use do here is one Adware cleaner for that :



I just love how Malware hides those directories don't you well unhide them with unhidden;



Did someone change your Browser start page? Well Then Adware or Malware struck again :



Did someone be a really horrible person and possibly take out that firewall of yours? Well, check it with this:



A lot of times a Security Malware removal tool can be blocked by existing anti-virus software that is still active even though we thought we turned it off. This utility can make sure those are turned off and fix basic windows processes as well such as windows policies and signatures.



Did you scan and remove everything and the whole computer is still seemingly Broken? Can not find anyone to fix it? Well you can always try this:



I hope this helps everyone. Please add to this list because I know out there their are a lot of you who know MUCH MORE about security than I do and have access to much more information PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION TO MAKE US A STRONGER MALWARE/SPYWARE FIGHTING community!


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    Excellent list, Rich, thanks for sharing!


    I also hope others will add to this, and maybe we can make it a sticky :)


    // Chrissy

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    Thank you Chrissy if I can find other links as well I will add to it but I would like to more about the community than all about me. I am trying to edit my post on that original subject and I can not do you know how? Please tell me if you do? Thank you in advance.


    Rich W

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    Chrissy here are some more links as in Tweaking the home of the Author for Windows all in one Repair utility. 

    http://www.tweaking.com/ It has all sorts of other programs and advice on how to tweak your windows system.


    Rootkits we all hate them more than anything and sometimes you just want to kill them: Yes some of the following links I am very sorry are not F-Secure but they are just there to try and help you and Free.


    Kaspersky Rootkit Killer :




    Then there are the Macs. We at least know from my own personal experience that F-Secure tells the truth. Verizon FIOS: Sir there is NO WAY your mac can be infected I mean impossible! F-Secure: Who ever installed this malware came straight in through your FIOS connection because if you have cleaned the Mac and it got reinfected then it is your ISP's responsibility. Take them to task on it. Only F-Secure will be there for you!


    For Mac Security there is the only Mac Rootkit Utility that I know of in ACTIVE development but it is a BETA Smiley Sad.



    There was this one and it was the only one I used for a long time:

    http://download.cnet.com/OS-X-Rootkit-Hunter/3000-2144_4-98738.html It Was by Christian Hornung. I do not think it is actively supported anymore please let me know if anyone knows if it gets the definitions from outerspace when I update it.


    This is not a malware utility per se but if someone decides to add a network drive to your Mac OS X Operating System or change all your permissions boot into Applejack's verbose single user mode and look at what comes up. It can really be quite revealing. Why are all my admin permissions changed? Why is there TWO network drives I never added connected to my computer hmmmm....... AppleJack can show you these things and more. Just watch it as it works in the Verbose mode. http://applejack.sourceforge.net/ The best part it is completely FREE! :)


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    Hi!  I checked why you are unable to edit the initial post, and apparently our Community is set to only allow post updates within 24 hours of posting, conceivably so that responses to those posts do not end up sounding confused later.


    It's okay, though, to keep the topic running by adding additional replies onto the thread, and if this thread gets too difficult to read later, we can combine the relevant information into a new sticky post or KB article.


    Also, we will be launching a new board some time in November for general security related discussions, so probably that will be the new home for this thread Cat Wink


    // Chrissy

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    If you are broke like me here are some more third party virus removal tools from Comodo.com that is completely free.




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    Here are some free secure DNS servers that you can use so people can have a hard time hijacking yur DNS servers

    One is Comodo which I forget to just direct link to here at http://www.comodo.com/secure-dns/switch/index.html

    Then the biggest one is OpenDNS at http://www.opendns.com/

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    Worried about what scripts are running on your browser and who is tracking everything you do? These plugins for your Browsers may help you a bit but nothing is a sure thing.


    http://www.ghostery.com/ Who is tracking me online? Ghostery will help answer that.


    https://adblockplus.org/en/chrome I am sure almost everyone knows about this one but no collection is complete without it. It not only blocks ads but remember to always go down and under activate features enable phishing and other protections when you install it as a plugin :).


    http://noscript.net/ What's that Adobe and Oracle you want to write browser code and plugins that can take control of my computers camera and microphone and all sorts of other brilliant things all from websites I visit? WELL F-SECURE but let's just open a door for all the Criminals and anyone that wants to spy on us and make F-Secure work that much harder but with noscript you can TURN THOSE scripts off by DEFAULT. Flash and Java only run when you tell them too!


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