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I have used for some time F-secure protection program. I am also a costomer of the Danske Bank (net bank) in Finland.

Otherwise the F-secure program works well, but it has caused some problems in the  netbank. For instance, I have had often problems to get into the net bank. If it is succeeded,very often I met the message:"It is not possible to show the side" (in Finnish:"Sivua ei voi näyttää".) Quite often also  the side disappears before I am ready to stop. The expert of the Danske Bank gave some good advice to me, but he said I need also advice from the expert of the F-secure. My question is:


What amendments I have to make for the instructions or provisions of the banking protection to the F-secure program,in order to get it successfully co-operate with the protection provisions of the Danske Bank?


The expert of the Danske Bank told me, that it is quite common that the customers of the Danske Bank have problems with the banking protection of the F-secure program. Maybe there are also other banks, which have the same kind of problems.





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