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I wanted to try F-Secure so today I downloaded and installed it on the Mac. It asks me to buy the software quite often. I'd say that I have been asked already 5-6 or more times  since installing the program and today is the first day.


If it's a good program I'd like to use it, however, the trial version is making the software a bad experience. If the software asked once a day, or maybe once every 3 days (even better), that would be a 10 times better expeience than how it's now set.


I'd even recommend no reminder maybe until the last 7 days of expiration. In my opinion, that would give someone a chance to actually try the program without being asked multiple times a day to buy, and personally it doesn't make me want to purchase it anymore by asking so many times, in fact it is pushing me away from a purchase.



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    Hey Dustin, thanks for submitting your idea for improving the trial! I haven't heard of users experiencing these frequent reminders from the get-go, so I'm passing this along to a Project Manager to see if there's something that can be done to improve the initial experience.
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    Hi Dustin,


    Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I'm on the team developing the product and as far as I can tell that is not desired behaviour. The product is supposed to ask once per day, so it seems you have run into a bug. I will try to investigate it a bit more, but either way I'll make sure we look into this for an upcoming versions.


    If you want to help us improve the future versions, we would be very happy if you would like to try out our beta version of the product. You can sign up for a free "Safe Anywhere Mac" beta subscription at (before installing the beta version, remember to first uninstall any F-Secure Anti-Virus for Mac version you may have installed).


    Thanks for your feedback!

    Rasmus Sten

    F-Secure Technology, Mac Team

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