Did f-secure online scanner ruin my computer?


After using f-secure online scanner my computer keeps restarting itself at the welcome screen (right before I can type in my password). The only way I can use it, is if I go to safe mode with networking. I tried to install improved virus software in safe mode, but because I'm in safe mode it won't install. What can I do to fix it?

I think it's because I used f-secure online, but it could be something else. The computer has had problems before I used it (That's WHY I used it)


  • Rusli
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    I presume you are using Windows 7.


    Firstly boot up your computer and press F8,


    then select Repair your computer.


    Select Repair Command Prompt.


    After that key in your Administrator password.


    Type chkdsk /r/f


    if it prompt you to reboot. Reboot the Windows.


    It will do a Scandisk repair.


    Once it is finished.



    Reboot and Restart the computer. Press F8 again, select Repair your computer.


    Then select Repair Command Prompt.


    Type in your  Administrator password.


    Type sfc /scannow.


    Once it is finished.


    Reboot your computer again.


    Check to see it boot up properly.



    If this method persist, you need to do an extra step.


    Again restart the computer, press F8,


    select Repair your computer.


    Go to Command Prompt.


    Key in your Administrator password.


    Type bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot.


    And reboot see iit works.



    Otherwise, read the link below from Microsoft Answers for solution here:-






  • ibamateur

    The computer is Windows Vista and when I go to "Repair You Computer" it goes to some "phantom" account called "other user"

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    Hi ibamateur,

    The system works in Safe Mode with Networking, probably startup repair, system restore or Last known Good Configuration would fix the issue.

    See the Startup Repair FAQs for Windows Vista here, a short tutorial video is also available on YouTube.


    Best Regards,

  • ibamateur

    Going to System Restore was my first thought. When I finally figuired out how to launch it from command prompt it says I have no restore points, which is ridiculous because I know there were some. Last Known Confuguration has no effect, same as if I had started normally.


    Thanks for the video, I'll watch it and see if anything helps.


    I think I've found the file(s) that are causing the issue, but I can't delete them. Even if I could, no changes I make in Safe Mode seem to stay when I restart.

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    "I think I've found the file(s) that are causing the issue, but I can't delete them".


    Try Unlocker; http://www.emptyloop.com/unlocker/


    It may be coincidence, but IMHO, the Online Scanner is not a safe program to use as it automatically deletes any files that it thinks are malware; but they may be a false positive!


    It would be much better and safer if it asked whether you wanted to delete or quarantine the files first.


    For potential problems in the future I would always think of having a proper image backup in place; much more reliable than a simple system restore.  

  • Rusli
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    From the Safe Mode, Go to Control panel and User account.


    Currently are you a GUEST, Standard or Administrator account???



    There must be something which you enable via Hotmail that trigger this. Maybe you need to key in your Email Address and Email password to login.




    Okay Try this first




    Try this to see if it will get you going again:

    1. Boot in to Safe Mode.  This tutorial will show you how.

    Advanced Boot Options

    2. Make sure that the "User Profile Service" is set to Automatic and Started.  This tutorial will show you how.  If it is, then right click on and click Properties. Click on the Log On tab and make sure that only the "Local System account" is dotted (checked), then make sure that "Hardware Profile" is Enabled.


    3. Restart the computer to see if you are able to logon now




    You have other account user??? Phanthom, Other User.


    Or Password Corrupted.


    Which means someone have physical access to your computer to create a new account or your computer have been hacked into.


    Go to save mode again. Type in NET USER from command prompt.


    How many Users account in your Windows Vista Computer??


    Did you recognise all the users account???


    From the save mode, you login as Administrator or Standard User account???


    From safe mode, did you try MSCONFIG???



    Can you do a system restore. From F8, Repair your computer???


    Did you have a DVD copy of Windows Vista Disc???


    You can do a system restore or Last Known Good Configuration.


    But select Last Known Good will reset everything from the start, everything installation will be lost!


    If you can do a system recovery from the last restore, you can do so.


    And if you managed to do a system restore, backup only your Documents Data, and not program files which you download.(that could be infected)


    Did you have a legit DVD Windows Vista or did you make a DVD Recovery Disc when you first purchase the computer???




    Do a right mouse button click on My Computer. Click Manage and go to Local Users and Groups. Then Users.


    Select the Account User and change the password and Enable the account.



    Worst case, you have to do the F8, Last Known Good Configuration option.




    The biggest mistakes that people do is once they purchase the computer, they did not create the Recovery Disc.


    Always create the Recovery Disc once you purchase the computer. Because nowadays. Manufacturer did not give a OEM DVD Disc and Driver Disc any more.



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    You must be certain that is the file that causing it.


    Otherwise you end up to no where.


    Try malwarebyte file assassin.




    If you think that is the file, that been causing it.


    Usually Other User.


    You have to key in your Email Address and Email Password to log in.


    I suspected that someone must have gain and physically access your computer.


    He must have backdoor to your computer and do something.


    If you manage to login in. Back up your files and reformat your computer.


    And reinstall everything.


    If you have a recovery disc better still.




  • ibamateur

    I have Unlocker on another computer, but it won't istall on the computer with the problem, so I took out the hard drive, put it in a hard drive enclosure, plugged it into another computer and deleted them. I even ran a virus scan (Avast) on the whole drive to make sure then I put the computer back together...and the problem wasn't solved.



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    Hi ibamateur,


    There are various of issue can cause the windows failed to startup, eg. corrupted MBR, BCD, Boot sector or system file missing. Have you try the Startup Repair option? Your situation is more likely a system file was corrupted or missing, Startup Repair should be able to restore it.


    Using Startup Repair to repair a boot failure due to a missing file.


    To find more detail for further troubleshooting:
    1. Disable automatic restart on system failure in Advanced Boot Options.
    2. Write down the error message shown or BSOD STOP code, if any.



    Best Regards,

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