Completely lost subscription code


Hello, I have quite a problem, which needs quite quick solution.


I have F-Secure Internet Security 2013 on my computer, and need to re-install my operating system.

However, when I tried to seek the subscription code that came along the package (the one with size of bank card), I couldn't find it anywhere despite turning the house almost upside down.

It would have been entirely another matter if this code in question was only for my computer, but this same code is shared with my parent's two computers as well. Thus, it would affect these two as well.


So I tried to seek the code in question straight from program, like it had been visible in some of the previous versions. But I couldn't come across such place, nor did the instructions help me at all. So next I went through some of the files from it's own folders, but again it was useless try.


Finally I tried to poke around registry of my computer to find the code in question, but after trying some logical keywords like "fs" and "secure" on search, the result was complete zero.


So my question is following:

Is there any hope for me to find the subscription code without buying another license?

I really can't afford to get another license just for 4 months before the entire family updates their security programs again for another year. Or am I to be without such until February 2014?


Thank you for your answer in advance!



  • Moonlightelf
    Moonlightelf Posts: 8 Observer

    Didn't purchase directly from F-Secure. Only downloaded the client after buying it from store, since my computer doesn't have cd-drive.


    But I found the code now with your help. Didn't even think right clicking the FS icon, silly me. Thank you very much for the help!

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser
    No worries, glad to help. :)
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