PCMag Review on F-Secure AntiVirus 2014

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Here is a review of PCMAG on F-Secure 2014 Antivirus







F-Secure Anti-Virus 2014


  •                       editor rating: excellent                                   


F-Secure Anti-Virus 2014                                                                            
                                                    MSRP $39.99            
  • Top scores in PCMag's hands-on protection tests. Very good scores from independent labs. DeepGuard behavior-based detection didn't flag any good programs. Antivirus blocked many exploits.


  • Cons                          Very difficult installation on several test systems. Scan process rendered one system unbootable, requiring over a week to repair. No URL-level blocking of malicious websites. 
  • Bottom Line

    If you can guarantee you're installing it on a clean PC, F-Secure Anti-Virus 2014 can be a great choice. However, getting it to install and scan already-infested systems was a nightmare.




  • Blackcat
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    They install the AV's into infected systems to see if they can clean/repair the infections. In the past that was the main function of an AV, to clean an infected system. You had a virus, you installed F-prot for DOS and it cleaned the system.


    Nowadays, an Antivirus program's main function is to to protect the PC, and  most people would prefer detection ability in an AV over cleaning/repair abilities.


    Further, if it was a bad infection I would simply revert back to a clean image rather than carry out a cleanup. I very much doubt that the malware that was placed initially on the machines would have bypassed F-Secure in real-time.


    So personally I would not choose any AV based upon its ability to cleanup an infected system.


    Concentrate on their main conclusion; "F-Secure Anti-Virus 2014 can be a great choice. It earned top scores in my hands-on protection tests, and the independent labs also give it high ratings."



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