Matousec Firewall Leaktesting on F-Secure Internet Security 2014 updates!

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Hi All,


Here is an update of Matousec's Firewall Leaktesting on F-Secure Internet Security 2014!


See the link below:-


Firewall leaktesting rankings!


Attention: F-Secure Beta Team, you guys need to work out on these issues!


  • Blackcat
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    @ Rusli


    As I have stated before about Matousec's tests;


    1. Despite their "official" title ("Firewall testing"), these tests have NOTHING to do with firewall testing.

     2. These tests target mainly the HIPS capabilities of a program. 


    Have you been infected since F-Secure switched to the Windows Firewall ? Has this Forum seen a greater rate of infected users since the change from the inbuilt firewall?


    Matousec's tests are only valuable as a PR exercise for vendors.


    F-Secure know what they are doing and would not introduce/drop a feature if it decreased protection levels.


    Overall, If malware cannot get in to start, it cannot "leak" anything out.


    Power users of F-Secure would of course value more control of the firewall component; average users will not notice any difference at all.


    F-Secure Internet Security behind a NAT router is fine.

  • Blackcat
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    It's hard to compare different Firewalls with this test because they use levels when they are testing software.


    If the Security Suite doesn't pass the first level they don't test it on the next, unless you pay Matousec. . So we never know how it would do if it was tested at all levels. This is IMHO the biggest flaw of these tests.


    All skipped levels will automatically count as failed. So if they have 10 levels and your product  fails the very first one, you will end up with a < 10% rating, although you could have ended up with a > 90% rating if they had continued testing.


    You have to pay Matousec if


    1. You want to be tested more often than once every 6 months.




     2. You want to be tested on all levels no matter whether or not you fail one of the previous ones.


    Looking at the results for the new version of FSIS 2014, it passed the first Level, (scored 50%) but failed the second, (only scored 10%) and therefore it was not carried forward to be tested on the remaining 9 levels.


    So if  F-Secure paid for additional testing at the higher levels, it would be bound to score higher!!

  • Rusli
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    HIPS are infact available in F-Secure 2014  Internet Security.


    F-Secure 2014 Internet Security did come with HIPS drivers.


    If you are using F-Secure 2014 Internet Security, you can check the file directory. It's there!


    I have made the matter known with F-Secure Beta Team, I even have told these matter previously with F-Secure SAS Team and I hope F-Secure Deep Guard Team did know about these issues.



  • Rusli
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    Actually, there is no payment needed to Matousec.


    In fact, F-Secure can download the test files and debug the issues.


    Infact Kaspersky passed the Comodo Firewall Leaktesting.


    Well, the top two at this moment, is obviously Comodo and Outpost Pro.

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